What are Bush Flower Essences?

What are Bush Flower Essences?

Bush flower essences are natural remedies that use the energy and vibrational healing properties of flowers.

Australian bush flower essences are made by harvesting flowers from Australian native plants, which are then placed in water and left to infuse in the sun for several hours. This process allows the energy and healing properties of the flowers to transfer into the water, creating a gentle yet powerful natural remedy.

They are administered orally, either directly in the mouth, mixed into water or added to food. When taken, the essence interacts with the energy fields to promote emotional balance and wellbeing.

It seems a little woo woo (well maybe a lot) however, each flower essence has a unique energetic signature, which can help to address a range of emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. For example, some essences support anxiety, stress, and confidence while others promote feelings of calm, peace, and inner strength.

Bush flowers have been used by many cultures for thousands of years to support emotional imbalances and promote wellbeing. Just like humans, animals are very susceptible to stress and feel deeply just like us. 

Bush flower essences are safe for animals to take as there is no physical component of the flower in the blend. It is simply the imprint of the flower that remains.

Australian bush flower essences are often used as part of a holistic healing approach that addresses the underlying emotional causes of physical ailments and can benefit pets in many ways.

Some of the many benefits of using bush flower essences include:

  1. Emotional support: Bush flower essences can help pets deal with emotional imbalances such as fear, anxiety, and stress. They can help pets feel calmer and more relaxed, which can improve their overall wellbeing
  2. Behavioural issues: If your pet is exhibiting behavioural issues such as aggression, hyperactivity, or compulsive behaviours, bush flower essences can help to address the root cause of these behaviours and bring about a more balanced state of mind
  3. Physical issues: Often when pets have physical issues, when the emotional issues are addressed, this can have a flow on effect to the physical issue
  4. Safe and natural: Unlike many conventional medications, bush flower essences are safe and natural. They do not have any harmful side effects, are non drowsy and can be used in conjunction with other treatments

Bush flower essences are a gentle yet effective way to support your pet's emotional and physical health naturally, and are a great way to connect them back to nature.

This gentle yet powerful approach to healing is becoming increasingly popular as more people look for natural, non-invasive ways to support overall wellbeing.

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