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For over two decades, our family have been using bush flower essences and experiencing their wonderful benefits daily. We use them to support our wellbeing by addressing issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness, overwhelm, and busy minds.

Our journey with bush flower essences began with our Mum, who was a dedicated advocate of natural remedies. As a natural therapist, she used her bush flower blends in her practice to support her clients, earning her the nickname "The Bush Flower Lady."

Our love for bush flower essences only grew as we introduced them to our children, helping them navigate the challenges of growing up with their calming and restorative effects.

Sadly, our mother passed away in 2014 but her legacy lives on through our blends.

In her honour, I have continued to study and deepen the understanding of bush flower essences, including their use for animals after our dog Charlie suffered severely from anxiety whenever we left the home, or we took him to the groomer. I went on the hunt for an all natural product that wouldn’t make him drowsy and not take away his beautiful Spoodle nature. After trying multiple products like chews, drops and meds from the vet, nothing was working well for him or for us.

After 20 years+ of our family using and creating bush flower essences for our own personal use, I got to work on creating a blend that was suitable for pets just like Charlie. After months of trials on friends and family, I found a formulation that worked! Pet Relief blends are now loved by pet owners and pets Australia wide!

We are proud to offer a range of products carefully formulated just for animals, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. Browse our range of blends today and discover the many benefits that nature has to offer your pet.

Raechel, Pet Relief x

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