Does your dog or cat suffer from:

  • Stress, worry and fear
  • Separation fears or panic
  • Fears thunderstorms or loud noises
  • Is reactive to people or other animals
  • Excessive barking, pacing or licking
  • Issues with vet or grooming visits
  • Travel anxiety or motion sickness

Pet stress and worry can be a real hurdle for you and your pet. You are not alone. Many pets experience these challenges. Pet Relief blends are the all natural solution to help pets feel happier, calmer and live more balanced lives. Our trusted blends are easy to use, and pets love the taste!

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  • Natural Ingredients

  • Used By Vets, Groomers & Dog Trainers

  • Travel Friendly

  • Australian Made & Owned

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Still in trial..

I’m not sure if I’ve seen a difference with the comfort & calm yet.. but I’m persisting! My dog is highly strung though! I do find the sleep one works a treat though for her ☺️

I swear by this product. I love allowing my dogs to have a clear mind while focusing on their training, especially desensitising new environments and sounds with natural blends. I owe my life to Pet Relief❤️

Rest & Restore
Emily Edmondstone

It took a while to get Dazza to the right time of afternoon and night with a lot of help from a lady he suggested great times to administer the drops and he has improved dramatically in the respect of sleeping through the night most nights FINALLY so thank you 🙏 thank you ☺️ thank you so very very much

Comfort and calm

Our toy cavoodle has benefited greatly from this product. Her separation anxiety has improved which makes us feel better too
Great product thank you

Fantastic product and fast delivery

Fantastic product as my dog has separation anxiety. l stopped using this product thinking that it wasn't working and then l realised that it really works so l bought it again and his is much more calmer. I will be continuing using this product as it's a ongoing issue.

I havent used it yet but it did arrive promptly.

Love love these... Our Pippy is so chilled x

Have two calm lil doggo’s that are far less prone to barking randomly throughout the night! Highly recommend this product.

Comfort & Calm
Anne Clissold
Very Good

The product is very good ,Harley is a lot calmer now.

Not working yet on my JR

Within a few days my beautiful Mini Dashund stopped leaving puddles around the house. I can be gone for a normal shift at work now and arrive home to a relaxed dog and no puddles. I had no idea it was anxiety, but it makes complete sense now. We are both much relieved by Pet Relief Comfort and Calm.

Comfort & Calm
Game Changer!

Comfort and calm has made a huge difference for my two puppies. Both have anxieties over certain stimuli and one had started to become reactive in some situations. After a few weeks of consistent use they are much more settled and they can refocus on me much faster. Close friends and family has also noted the difference!

Comfort & Calm
Katrina DuBar
Pet Relief

Had I known it came in a dropper I would not have purchased this.

Comfort & Calm Duo Bundle
Lauen Drinkwater
Bloody Amazing Product

The transformation when my kitten is on this to when he is not is amazing, He is so much more Chilled, Less aggressive, Less zoomie and more loving to his sister (2 months Younger)

Thankful for this product.

We have tried numerous chews for calming our Spoodle's anxiety. I was undecided whether to try this one, was it going to be yet another product claiming to give great results. I am so grateful that I finally ordered Comfort & Calm, Rescue & Relief, it has been wonderful to get results within the 1st week of using it. I have a much calmer dog with much less reactive barking. Will definitely be ordering more. Thank You 😍🐕‍🦺

Highly recommended 👌 My pups have been on comfort and calm for a while and absolutely can notice a difference! I have recently started the rest of the products too and can't wait to see the results!

Comfort & Calm
Maryann Woods
Mrs Maryann Woods

We bought rest & restore support to wind down & settle for Winnie about 6 wks ago it took 2 wks to work but it certainly has done the trick for her.
Winnie had bad anxiety at night being a rescue dog we do not know her history .
I would highly recommend this product 😊

Comfort & Calm
Lauen Drinkwater

Ok was not sure at first if this would work on my 6 mth old Kitten who has been a bully to the new kitten, She is only 2 mths younger, but wow with in 30 mins, he was calmer, less zoomie, snuggly and Zen. i ran out and he has been without the drops for a week and was back to his nasty self, attacking, bullying and just looked wired, the drops arrived today and 30 mins later he is chilling in the sun with the new kitten, even gave some to the dog and she is more chilled less jumpy. I have recommended this to everyone i know with un chilled pets, Your product works, Thank you Thank you Thank you. i will be back for sure. Happy days ahead.

Incredible! Starting to see results already with my Ivy! And such amazing communication with the team ❤️

Great product!

We love this product. Our boy sleeps through the night now.

Frankie the red dachshund is extremely anxious, but since being on these he is less anxious,

Since I added this blend at night with calm and comfort and the one with the purple sticker Dazza is sleeping through the night it’s actually amazing as he was waking up at least twice a night just by adding the rescue and relief what a huge difference it has made TOOK quite a while to get to this point I would highly recommend this and the other two products to everyone to try it with your fur baby give it a few weeks and im sure you will see a difference in the sleeping patterns and behaviour

Comfort & Calm
Sharee W.

Coco our mini dashound, is really liking the taste now. We are on our 2nd bottle & find that he is relaxing alot better, much calmer around people, still working on othe dogs tho.

My 2 dachshunds are more relaxed around the home, they dont get as anxious when new people come to our home