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Comfort & Calm

Comfort & Calm

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Support to feel calm and in control

Comfort and Calm is perfect blend for pets who suffer from stress, fear and worry.

Our unique formula has been specifically developed to support pets who experience worry and anxiousness, separation fears, fears of thunderstorms and loud noises, struggle with vet and grooming visits, travel worry and travel sickness, new to crate training, behaviour training or gets easily overwhelmed during walks.

Comfort & Calm has specific essences to aid when pets feel:

Stressed, nervous, worried or restless, panicked, fearful, constant barking or howling, destructive chewing or digging, pacing, anxious pooping or peeing, sadness or grief, excessive licking and grooming.

Will help to support your pet to feel:

Calm, safe, comfortable and in control on an emotional level.


Give 7 drops twice daily and as needed. Blends are best given directly in the mouth to see the best long term results.


Five targeted Australian Bush Flower essences including Boronia Megastigma, Stylidium, Forrestiana, Brachysema, Isopogon, Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Spring Water.

85 doses per 30ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Wendy J
Life saver

After our 8 month old pup had a small operation these drops were a lifesaver in keeping her calm, especially through the night! So much better than getting sedatives, I would highly recommend.


My girl seems a lot calmer since giving her the drops. The real test will be when it thunders as nothing else has worked

Annette P
Comfort and calm

Our dog takes this with no trouble, we are slowly seeing some improvement in his anxiousness and it is helping with his peeing in the house, It definitely works better than any of the calming treats we tried before.


It has been 3 days and I wish I’d gotten these drops so much sooner.
My 6 month old chihuahua puppy has been a dream from the first day she started these drops, and our older chi, my husband and I could not be happier. Previously she was reactive, and just so full on. We tried to take her for walks and she lunged and barked manically at dogs, people, birds …. Everything! And no treat or calming/ training techniques helped at all. To be able to take her walking today and have her interested, alert and happy to see other people and dogs was so wonderful. Thank you for making this product. Her life (and ours) will be so much happier now.


I haven’t been able to give my dogs 2 doses a day as I leave early for work and they are still sleeping. They are still doing a lot of barking and have some anxiety.