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Rest & Restore

Rest & Restore

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Support to wind down and settle

Pets are cherished members of our families who, much like us, thrive in a calm and peaceful environment. Recognising the challenges our companions may face due to the bustling nature of our daily lives, can sometimes disrupt their nightly rest routines leaving them restless and easily disturbed.

Rest and Restore is easy to use and can be used for pets of all sizes and is the all natural solution for pet owners looking to help their pets wind down and rest at night.

Rest & Restore has specific essences to aid when pets feel:
Alert, over active, scattered energy, reactivity, nervy, on edge or easily disturbed

Will help to support your pet to feel:
Calm, relaxed and able to slow down at the end of a busy day

Give 7 drops around an hour before bed and then again just before. Blends are best given directly in the mouth to see the best long term results.

Five targeted Australian Bush Flower essences including Boronia Megastigma, Dodonaea, Caladenia, Patersonia, Isopogon, Organic Vegetable Glycerin and Spring Water.

85 doses per 30ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Maryann Woods
Great products

We use Comfort & Calm and Rest & Restore on our Staffy Winnie and highly recommend both products. Winnie is now better behaved when walking and her sleeping has improved dramatically. Will continue using both products as all natural ingredients. Thanks again Maryann

Emily Edmondstone

It took a while to get Dazza to the right time of afternoon and night with a lot of help from a lady he suggested great times to administer the drops and he has improved dramatically in the respect of sleeping through the night most nights FINALLY so thank you 🙏 thank you ☺️ thank you so very very much

Great product!

We love this product. Our boy sleeps through the night now.


Perfect for my dog 🐕


Just did nothing only made my boy throw up