Relocating pets can be stressful for you and your pet

Travelling with pets can be an adventure, but it often comes with challenges, especially when it's time to fly.

We've partnered with Departure Pets to provide all natural product solutions to help make your pet's travel journey more comfortable and stress-free, from preparation to landing and beyond.

  • Travel Friendly & Easy to Use

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Non Drowsy Formulas

  • Australian Made & Owned

Travelling with your pet can be easy with Pet Relief

Our all natural pet blends are designed to ease pet anxiety and stress which can help with the lead up to travel and while on board.

Our blends support:

  • Anxiousness, worry or stress
  • Separation anxiety or panic
  • Restless, destructive behaviours
  • Confinement issues
  • Travel and motion sickness
  • Pre-travel crate training

Our all natural pet blends are safe, gentle and easy to use and pets love the taste!

FAQ's when using our blends for travel

What are Pet Relief blends?

Pet Relief pet blends are all natural drops formulated to target pet separation anxiety, loud noises, new environments, travel anxiety and travel sickness

How do I use them?

Give 7 drops twice daily and as needed. Blends are best given directly in the mouth to see the best results.

How soon before travel do I need to start?

We recommend to start with the blends around 1-2 weeks prior to travel. This will give your pet time to get used to the blend and also time for it to start working.

Will they make my pet drowsy?

No. Pets will feel a sense of calm, but not drowsy or sleepy allowing them to have full funtionality throughout the transfer and flight.

Are they safe to take with other medications?

Yes! Pet Relief pet blends are all natural blends and will not interfere with medications or supplements. We recommend just leaving a small space between them.

How long will a 30ml bottle last?

A 30ml bottle will last approx. one month when taken as directed. Once opened, we recommend using the product within 12 months.

Can they be taken overseas?

Yes! Our blends are under 100ml and can safely be taken in your carry on to be able to admister extra doses once you have reached your destination.

Thinking of travelling with your pet?

Find out more about Departure Pets national and international pet relocation services here! Click the link and reach out to the wonderful team for more information.

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