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Comfort & Calm and Rescue & Relief Bundle

Comfort & Calm and Rescue & Relief Bundle

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Comfort & Calm and Rescue & Relief Bundle

Our Comfort & Calm and Rescue & Relief bundle was put together after many conversations with pet owners that have rescued pets and are having problems with them adjusting to their new environment. At no fault of their own, rescue pets can often come with past hurt or 'baggage' and need to feel safe and secure to be able to open up to learning new ways. This bundle will help calm those big emotions which can often come out as poor behavioural signs and help open them up to trust, love and happiness.

What you get:

Comfort & Calm is the perfect blend for pets who suffer from stress, worry and fear. Our unique formula has been specifically developed to support pets who experience worry and anxiousness, separation fears, fears of thunderstorms and loud noises, struggle with vet and grooming visits, travel worry and travel sickness or have any other long-standing fears.

Rescue & Relief is a blend specifically designed to support the healing process. By incorporating essences that promote calm, build trust and restore happiness, Pet Relief Rescue & Relief helps pets to release past hurt and embrace new experiences with open minds and hearts.


Give 7 drops twice daily and as needed. Blends are best given directly in the mouth to see the best long term results.

85 doses per 30ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Bonnie W
Happy Days!

Purchased both the Comfort & Calm and Rescue & Relief. They work quickly and my little girl is so much happier when the rain starts! Thank you

Thankful for this product.

We have tried numerous chews for calming our Spoodle's anxiety. I was undecided whether to try this one, was it going to be yet another product claiming to give great results. I am so grateful that I finally ordered Comfort & Calm, Rescue & Relief, it has been wonderful to get results within the 1st week of using it. I have a much calmer dog with much less reactive barking. Will definitely be ordering more. Thank You 😍🐕‍🦺


It’s works!

Sarah J.

Stellar is a Jack Russell puppy, full of energy and bounce. She didn't like being left alone at first and got quite distressed. I have been using the pet relief drops for a month. She loves the taste, just laicks it off my hand. She seems calmer.
I have used the rescue and relief drops a few times when she has been hyped up or stressed after the vet or new over stimulating experience. They seem to help.

karryn M.

We have 2 greyhounds one has always been very anxious. We have been using these products for about 4 weeks. The rescue and relief just when storms and thunder were expected. The comfort and calm each day. We have noticed a big difference. Freddy is much calmer and happier