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Comfort & Calm and Rest & Restore Bundle

Comfort & Calm and Rest & Restore Bundle

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Comfort & Calm and Rest & Restore Bundle

This is the utlimate bundle for pets that are full on, highly strung or senstive to noises during the day and don't have an off button at night! Often pets that feel all the feels throughout the day are on high alert at night when the family are getting ready to wind down for bed. This bundle will help take them down a notch and give them a sense of calm, help them feel safe and in control of their emotions so they can get a good nights sleep (and so can you!).

What you get:

Comfort and Calm is the perfect blend for pets who suffer from stress, worry and fear. Our unique formula has been specifically developed to support pets who experience worry and anxiousness, separation fears, fears of thunderstorms and loud noises, struggle with vet and grooming visits, travel worry and travel sickness or have any other long-standing fears.

Rest and Restore for those pets that are overly worried, are over-active, reactive, overwhelmed, easily disturbed or suffer sleeplessness.

Give 7 drops twice daily of Comfort & Calm and 7 drops of Rest & Restore around an hour before bed. Another dose of Rest and Restore can be given just before bed. Blends are best given directly in the mouth to see the best long term results.

85 doses per 30ml bottle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sarah Treasure
Makes a difference

Very helpful for calming and settling our extremely active Cavoodle pup

Calm and rest

Fantastic oils cannot live without them now! Frankie is neurodivergent and has some brain damage and finds it very difficult to settle. This helps immensely. Thank you!!


Love love these... Our Pippy is so chilled x


Not working yet on my JR

joanna d.

Our boy Loki is a rascal and only 1yr old. The comfort and calm really helps relieve his anxiety and stress and he likes to chill on his bed and destroy "monsters" for mum and dad!